The MM2AC Connector is the Best Way to Sync MemberMouse and ActiveCampaign – Guaranteed – or Your Money Back.

Rob ScottYour tool is super crucial to my tech set up. Really grateful you created it and hope you never go away!!! Rob Scott

Rob Williams - I just wanted to thank you for putting MM2AC together, it’s not only made everything so much simpler, but it’s more reliable, and I’ve got countless more options for creating a great customer experience. Your plugin (MM2AC) took something extremely complex that previously took me weeks to setup, and made it as simple as installing a plugin. Love it! Rob Williams,

ian1-socmedI love Active Campaign and I love Membermouse. But out of the box they just don’t work together all that well. That’s why I created a whole bunch of integrations using Zapier that became the de facto method recommended by Membermouse on their help pages. But when the Campaign Plugins team showed me MM2AC and what it could do, I dropped my old integrations and switched everything over to MM2AC. Not only does it tell Active Campaign when things happen on Membermouse, it passes over product data, customer data, purchase data and all the Membermouse custom fields. It means you can keep everything in sync and have a sophisticated nurture system through Active Campaign for your members that reacts to their activities. If you’re serious about Membermouse and Active Campaign, you need MM2AC. Ian Brodie,

Ian AndersonThough I’m not always sure what I’ll get from WordPress developers, the folks at MM2AC are absolutely outstanding to work with and completely dependable and professional in handling support issues personally and in a timely manner. I not only appreciate how helpful their plug-in is for my automation, I really am thankful for their willingness to make sure my automations stay up and running. Ian Anderson,

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  • Fully Supported
  • No hassle 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • We’re dog-fooding it – this plugin runs our own mid-6 figure business


MM2AC will set tags for memberships and bundles in ActiveCampaign as they happen in MemberMouse.

That means that you can start or end any automation in ActiveCampaign based on what’s occurring in MemberMouse through the adding or removing of tags.

Other than setting up the automations that you want to run and specifying the fields you want passed to ActiveCampaign from MemberMouse there is nothing more to configure.

MemberMouse uses “Statuses” with Bundles and Membership Levels

See all the statuses and what they mean here.

We pass every status as a TAG in combination with the bundle or membership

If you use membership levels then MM2AC passes 2 tags, 1 for the membership level, 1 for the status

If you do bundles MM2AC passes 1 tag – it concatenates the bundle name and the status with a ‘-‘ hyphen separator.

(Using fields for member levels as you say fixed app does is not ideal, it is better to use tags for a number of reasons the most significant of which is flexibility)

Here’s How MM2AC Works (Read this, It’s Key)

A user buys a membership named Gold, tags passed are:
Gold, Active

Their credit card fails on a recurring payment, the Active tag is removed now they have
Gold, Overdue

The tags are synced with the exact status of MemberMouse Membership Levels or Bundle Statuses

A user tries to buy “Nice Bundle” but their card fails at purchase, they get the tag:
‘Nice Bundle – Error’

They try again and succeed, the previous tag is removed and now they are tagged with:
‘Nice Bundle – Active’

The bundle had a recurring payment which they cancel, they get moved to the cancel list which you’ve selected and now they are tagged with:
‘Nice Bundle – Canceled’ while at the same time ‘Nice Bundle – Active’ has been removed

To be successful with automations you first have to get familiar with MemberMouse statuses then you can use them in combination with the bundle and membership names – always as tags – to start and end automations

MemberMouse profile data (address, name) is passed through fields because that is the right use for fields as opposed to tags

We tried to build this so that it would work with ActiveCampaign as ActiveCampaign was intended to be used (with tags as the primary driver of automations and segmentation).

(video was pre-launch, sorry, we’ll update it soon)

MM2AC Features

  • IMPROVED: Creates MemberMouse fields in ActiveCampaign
  • Moves contacts between lists based on when they become members or when they cancel (optional)
  • Passes MemberMouse subscriber data to ActiveCampaign including any fields you choose
  • Creates a tag for memberships and bundles and their status
  • NEW: Syncs custom MemberMouse fields with ActiveCampaign
  • NEW: Fires automations for billing events


[su_note]This plugin uses our FREE WP2AC (WordPress to ActiveCampaign) Connector plugin. Make sure you get both.[/su_note]


  • Upload and install the plugin through the usual method.
  • Activate the plugin it will automatically check for an ActiveCampaign API connection and that MemberMouse is installed.
  • Installation will fail if both of the requirements aren’t present.
  • Visit the MM2AC settings page (under ‘Settings’) and configure which fields you want to pass to ActiveCampaign by checking or unchecking the appropriate fields.
  • MM2AC should automatically create the fields you check in ActiveCampaign after you scroll down and click Save
  • When any MemberMouse action occurs the member is updated in ActiveCampaign.
  • Select one list for canceled members and one list for active members. They may be the same list if you so choose.
Important Setup Note

Important Setup Note

Membership Level and Bundle Tagging
We use tags for both membership levels and bundles.

  • Membership levels are tagged separately for example Free Member, Active – where Free Member and Active are separate tags.
  • When a member status changes the current status tag is removed and the new status tag is added (ie: Expired)
  • Bundles are tagged concatenated with their status and a dash “-“. For example: ‘Awesome Bundle – Active’

Choose your automations starts wisely. Some automations would be better started with the removal of a tag then the addition of another for example.

Important Note

The ActiveCampaign field creation API call has some limitations. Even though MM2AC will create the fields in your system the merging is a bit tricky. We’ve talked with ActiveCampaign about the limitations and we believe there’s a fix on their roadmap.

Right now, however, the best way we’ve found to make sure that your fields are available in your emails and merge correctly is to go to Lists > Fields > and then update the fields to be available for ALL lists, like so:


Update V1.1.2

In this update we fixed a variety of bugs that were popping up on edge cases and through different user’s experiences which we did not have in our own production and testing environments.

One major change in this update is that you now have the ability to pass bundle tags that are nested inside membership levels. For example if your Gold Membership contained Awesome Bundle then you can set MM2AC so that the purchaser gets only “Gold Membership, Active” or so that the user gets “Gold Membership, Active, Awesome Bundle – Active”.

How you tag your contacts in ActiveCampaign is a matter of personal preference.

Update: V1.1

License is good for one year.

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